President's Message

President’s Message


We live in a world in which globalization is fast accelerating, and competition that transcends national borders is becoming increasingly intense with every passing day. At UNICRAFT NAGURA, we’re closely focused on quality and are working to create fine goods that will be loved and appreciated by people around the world under the slogan of “Customer Value No.1.” 
In order to achieve this we are dedicated to the ongoing improvement of our three core technologies and three core products based on brave new innovations that don’t rely on past success.
We are looking to the future with environmentally-friendly production preparation and line maintenance for automotive parts while also striving to achieve a leading world share in the niche market of compact, light weight, and highly rigid integrated-function parts utilizing an optimum combination of integrated production and automated technologies as well as our patented technologies in the form of electric upsetting (unification method), hollowing (weight-saving deep hole hollowing), and fine grooving (fine oil groove method
) in ongoing efforts to be a No.1 partner to customers all over the world.

President and CEO
Yoshihide Nagura