YuYu Filter

Single touch installation to shutout mist, particles and dust !!

This “single touch” mist filter is designed to prevent mist, particles and dust from penetrating the control panel and damaging its internal electronics, resulting in reduced performance. It can also be attached to motors to prevent dirt contamination and help reduce load on the motor.


For control panels (magnetic type)

For motors (hook type)

  • ・Model, application, installation method, usage range
  • ・ Filters can be rolled up for easy replacement. Replacement frequency can be specified by the user.
  • ・ Filters are made from polyester material for easy handling.(standard filter mesh:30µm)

For replacement

【FLAB Type】
2m rollup filter set upon purchase
Single touch type with shaft for easy replacement

【FF Type】
100m roll type for manual cutting and wrapping around the main unit’s shaft