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Boosting the Functionality of Customers’ Global Strategy Products

Parts processed with electric upsetting

Parts utilizing plastic forming (electric upsetting)

Enables flexible molding of rod stock to the desired location
Unwavering customer confidence and overwhelming competitiveness are made possible by improved yield rates, process elimination for ingredients, and integrated manufacturing from raw materials through to the finished product.

 Product Examples
 ・Engine Parts
 ・Transmission Parts
 ・Air Conditioner Parts

Part Processing with Deep Hole Hollowing Method 400mm hole (L/d=40 times)

Parts utilizing plastic processing for hollowing

The implementation of hollowing with plastic forming has eliminated debris ejection during the bore gun drilling process, realizing improved material yield rates and weight savings through deep hole drilling beyond a certain depth.

 Product Examples
 ・Engine Parts

Machined parts using form rolling (fine pitch)

Specialist parts requiring fine groove machining

Fine groove machining realized by our proprietary form rolling machine
Replacing press-based grooving with by our proprietary NC form rolling machine has realized revolutionary cost cuts using a new machining method, providing customers with more value than ever before.

 Product Examples
 ・ITCC Parts